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    All of us by default live and work under the influence of material nature. There are three modes in material nature. Mode of goodness, passion and ignorance. It’s like three primary colors which lead to number of different colors when mixed at different proportions. Based on such different combinations we have many varieties in human nature and they are also bound in different ways by the influence of these three invisible ropes. Even different specis of animal exist due to the influence of mixture of specific proportion of these three modes. Based on resultant consciousness of such mixture of modes, people are awarded different kinds of body and conciousness and accordingly they think, act,get conditioned,
    chose their habitat, lifestyle and accept everything including struggle for survival that comes along with the package. The flavour of struggle varies from person to person, place to place,time to time, specis to specis, but at the end of the day it’s all about hard struggle for survival.
    It’s material intalligence to find a way through the struggle and try to resolve issues. Even animals do so. Everybody struggles for survival, however big or small, the whole range of struggle or luxury, all remains at the material platform and on top of that living entity experiences increasing difficulty as he approaches towards end of ones life.
    Animals don’t have any choice but to follow the rules of material nature.
    Only human being can make a conscious choices.
    The real journey to success of human life begins in asking why do we need to face such struggle? Why do we really need to suffer? Is there any alternative? That quest sparks the fire of perpetual endeavour to look for alternate approach in life, beyond the realm of matter. That seeming helpless and desperation is not mere passimist mindset rather it’s the initiating factor for paradime shift of our conciousness towards ultimate eternal spiritual realm from this temporary material platform which is nothing but a place of misery. That’s what Vedas, the ultimate spiritual knowledge base, recommend and direct us to do.
    Well, we know based on vedic scripture that there is a blissful alternative to this constant material struggle that we go through every now and then and we, should strive for that, thats the expectation from human form of life, the most precious form of life in the creation. That altered conciousness ignites the most desirable spiritual struggle and that brings us to the path of real success as we pursue the goal of extricating ourselves from this material labyrinth denoted by cycle of repeated birth and death and leads us towards ultimate eternal life of unfathomable spiritual bliss.




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