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Deep truths of existence.

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  • Everything at its basic form is energy, it may look or smell different yet it’s the same thing at its core, when we realize the connectedness of all things.. our mind can unite a litter further.

  • There are two minds I know of.. one is unclear like unsettled muddy water, the other is clear like shallow water ontop of white gold sand. There is personal behaviour traits to clean and settle before god unshakkles us from the depths of illusions. Continuously purifying.. if one wants to continue moving along the road of awakenment, never make…Read More

  • An eye with the lenses of ignorance will look down upon another, yet to realize the depth of connection between all things, what they see is even apart of them, what’s the difference between this world and dream land? all thing’s connected like small lines in a spiders web, #be sincere

  • Theres levels to everything and the mind is a garden maze, we take action in the physical but it’s the spiritual which moves and spins into form first. When something physical is created, its created twice, once in the mind and 2nd as the object of mass.

  • Everything is going to happen as it happens. As it is so shall it be. On the flip side we are still required to act up in the best we can, every day, each moment!!

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Here is shared the deeper truths of reality, seeing through a looking glass that is visible and non visible, likely you wont find many other places in the age, This group is designed to inspire, aspire and teach the true constitutions of existence and connect as family, spread wisdom out of love, who knew a rose could grow out from a crack in the concrete jungle, the tree falls and dies yet mushrooms grow upon out of it, a body decays yet the bones remain, the spirit inside is connected to realms unseen by the physical eyes yet can be seen when those eyes rest and mind is calmed.