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    5 months, 2 weeks ago

    The Greatest Mystery
    Does evolution create the first-person experience, or is it inevitable? Does a certain level of complexity automatically give rise to consciousness?

    What exactly is this first-person experience? How does it make a species that is complex but not conscious different from its non-conscious counterpart? Are feelings a byproduct of consciousness, or can one imagine a non-conscious, complex system with feelings? No, it’s not possible. The only feasible scenario is to mimic or copy the behaviors associated with feelings in others. It’s like a son emulating his father’s behavior.

    So, can we consider the idea that whenever evolution leads to the emergence of feelings, it automatically paves the way to consciousness? One cannot feel anything without the birth of the ‘I’.

    • When a Sentient being has passed away, she/he has no sensation or thoughts in the manner we knew it; the spirit however is in continuum ( in another Realm) and so are the consequent sensations of mind, being eternal.

    • Sentience differs from the non-sentience ; Sentient beings have breath spirit , eternally, energy being indestructible.

    • Upon receiving Spirit Pneuma breath, a being instantly has sensations : genetic , with 1st beings having had that of the Parent creator Being.

      Nurture, Influence

    • Non Conscious has no spirit , and thus no emotions or thoughts .

    • No sentient species evolves into another species nor into non sentience , it is observed and obvious.
      Very intelligent animals, some are more brilliant ( measured eq, iq) than some humans, stay as animals :ex..

      Laws of Thought do not allow Species to change into another species, naturally and functionally

    • Development of thoughts and emotions occur , based upon intent , within same being & species: evolution of Sentience from nonSentience cannot occur , since the latter has no breath consciousness nor ability to impart it

    • Feelings are Superior cognitive based and with true beings, feelings are as Conscience spirit



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