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I no longer work for Circle K thankfully! I can not work for any company that values profits more than people! I ravenously search for my true calling & my soul family!!

I am 44 years old, mother of 3 grown children, single, a hopeless romantic & a die hard optimist. After courageously leaving an unhappy/unhealthy 20+year marriage in 2017 which was my one & only identity as traveler on this planet (I got pregnant the 3rd time I had sex & got married at 17years old out of fear). I abruptly realized 2 things after leaving my then husband, 1) I was utterly alone just like everyone in life ultimately & 2) I had absolutely zero idea who I was on any basic level and I knew I would stop at nothing until I figured me out!

I have been on a somewhat pointless quest to answer if not life's great questions than my own humble mysterious vastness. Like All that have undertaken such tasks, with each answer unearthed lay a plethora of new questions.



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