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About Me


I'm an awakened one, old soul, little sensitive and indulges more in creative✍️👩‍🎨 stuff.  Always calm my anxiety by hearing/writing songs  according to my mood and dancing for it. I give more time to huv a conversation with myself sitting in the 🏡 garden 🙂                       I call myself a 60% introvert, can sense people's mindset & proceed acc to that. I talk like BORN FOR IT if I like the topic 🥰🥰          Have some frnds, but no one can truly understand my feelings. In this kinda situation am unable to express myself to anyone around me, since  I acknowledged myself to be way different and 😀🤯😘 like a few in this world 🌎 HERE TO MEET SOME LIKE MINDED FELLAS🧐🧐WHO CAN SHARE AND RECEIVE💑       Everybody is a 💥starseed( eternal soul) some r just not aware of it.



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