• The Greatest Mystery
    Does evolution create the first-person experience, or is it inevitable? Does a certain level of complexity automatically give rise to consciousness?

    What exactly is this first-person experience? How does it make a species that is complex but not conscious different from its…Read More

    • When a Sentient being has passed away, she/he has no sensation or thoughts in the manner we knew it; the spirit however is in continuum ( in another Realm) and so are the consequent sensations of mind, being eternal.

    • Sentience differs from the non-sentience ; Sentient beings have breath spirit , eternally, energy being indestructible.

    • Upon receiving Spirit Pneuma breath, a being instantly has sensations : genetic , with 1st beings having had that of the Parent creator Being.

      Nurture, Influence

    • Non Conscious has no spirit , and thus no emotions or thoughts .

    • No sentient species evolves into another species nor into non sentience , it is observed and obvious.
      Very intelligent animals, some are more brilliant ( measured eq, iq) than some humans, stay as animals :ex..

      Laws of Thought do not allow Species to change into another species, naturally and functionally

    • Development of thoughts and emotions occur , based upon intent , within same being & species: evolution of Sentience from nonSentience cannot occur , since the latter has no breath consciousness nor ability to impart it

    • Feelings are Superior cognitive based and with true beings, feelings are as Conscience spirit

  • Can anyone suggest a good book on Tantra? I’m looking for one that provides a proper description of its origins in Hinduism as well as Buddhism. Thanks in advance!🙏

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    • Tantra is about sacred, profound and beneficial depict of Consciousness : physical illustrations of the spirit of Thought; books cant really communicare its spirit, but one can observe true beings in various thoughts, postures and deeds ( its pure and non sensory, and imparts an akin ).
      Its tough to keep captured a “spirit” activity within a…Read More

  • Were all puppets yet spiritual philosophy helps one to see the strings.

  • Can anyone recommend any valuable ancient text to read?

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